Hippie Dip founder, Janey Roberts

As a curvy girl myself, I have always struggled to find swimwear to fit me. 

I worked as a Model Booker for my entire adult career and during my time over the last decade working for boohoo.com I saw the increase in demand for fresh and young curve styles; it was evident there was a gap in the market. The curve industry was growing rapidly yet the fashion industry was on catch up, and most especially when it came to swimwear!

The dilemma for me was personally a regular pre-holiday moment; often I would buy a bikini in the wrong size (just because I loved the pattern or style) but I would then have to have it fitted and customised to fit my body shape. Extreme lengths you may think? Err, no…not when wearing a bikini or swimsuit is likely the most naked I will ever get in public! To me, and I believe too many other curvy girls like me, I want to feel empowered and fabulous when I hit that beach club party with the girls and I want to relax knowing I look my absolute best on holiday in fitting and flattering swimwear! With this passion, first hand knowledge and experience Hippie Dip was born!!

Hippie Dip is the first fast fashion brand dedicated to swimwear with good quality, supportive styles for curvy girls, at affordable prices. Our aim is to make you feel insanely sexy with minimum tan lines and maximum confidence in our lined swimwear! We are a small business but passionate about making an impact in the world of swimwear fashion for curvy girls.

Go and make a splash! 


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